Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit

The Perfect Mix of Malt & Spice that Drinks Like a Whiskey

We're never quite content with the ordinary and our Pumpkin Spirit is extraordinary. This delicious fall spirit is everything you would expect from a whiskey with the added depth of caramel, hints of pumpkin and some spice.

While sharing some drinks with our friends at Milwaukee's Lakefront Brewery (the best ideas come to us this way) someone made the comment that Lakefront's Pumpkin Lager could make an interesting distilled spirit. As it turned out, interesting didn't even begin to describe the resulting spirit! After some minor adjusting of distillation technique, aging, and cask blending our Pumpkin Spirit was ready to be released.

A bottle of Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit
  • Lakefront Brewery's renowned Pumpkin Lager distilled and barrel aged by Great Lakes Distillery
  • Features a blend of spirits aged in refill wine barrels, refill whiskey barrels, refill beer barrels, and new oak. No component is younger than 5 years old.
  • Each batch is wax dipped by hand, individually numbered, bottled at 90 proof, and limited to a single release each year.
  • The unique distillation process leads to a spirit that drinks like whiskey and can be used as such. Pumpkin Seasonal Spirit excels in Old Fashioneds, Mules, mixed with apple cider (hot or cold), and subbed into a classic Manhattan. More recipes are available here: cocktail database.
  • Burnished golden yellow color. Bright, sweet aromas of clove, nutmeg, candied ginger, fruit cake, and pumpkin custard with a dryish medium-to-full body and a spicy dusty clove gum and pumpkin cheesecake finish.

45% ABV | 90 Proof