SANS Junipre N/A Botanical Spirit

Great Cocktails Don't Require Alcohol

After producing award winning spirits for nearly 20 years Great Lakes Distillery founder Guy Rehorst has created a new company, Boundless Beverages to explore and develop incredible non-alcoholic spirits. Consumer tastes and needs have diversified. They may be sober, sober-curious, pregnant, dieting, a designated driver, an athlete looking forward to their next competition or simply desire to wake up early feeling fresh for a busy day.

Consumers also want great tasting zero and low alcohol cocktails without having to resort to the sugar rich options of the past or the monotony of diet soda. Sans Junipre brings the enjoyment of a great night of cocktailing with no ill effects from over consumption of alcohol or sugar.

A bottle of Sans Junipre NA Botanical Spirit
  • Junipre is made with a select blend of natural botanical extracts using various distillation techniques. Made with natural flavors including juniper, basil, ginseng, orange zest, chili pepper, cardamom, coriander and more.
  • A 1:1 replacement. Use the same amount in cocktails as any spirit you're replacing. Brings incredible flavor and complexity to both non-alcoholic and low alcohol cocktails.

Less than 0.5% ABV | 0 Calories | 0 Sugar